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Private club for cannabis consumers in Barcelona
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Marijuana in Barcelona

Marijuana in Barcelona

Even if cannabis consumption is partially regulated in Spain, there are some specific places where this is allowed: Cannabis clubs

Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis clubs or cannabis associations are private and no-profit organizations, where is possible to legally consume marijuana in Barcelona

Secure Environment

Secure Environment

Cannabis social clubs are the only legal places where is allowed to consume cannabis, in a social and friendly environment, without occurring in any sort of legal problem

Members only

Members only

In contrast to Amsterdam's coffee shops and cannabis dispensaries in the US, only registered members are allowed to join a cannabis club in Barcelona

About Blunted Social Club

Cannabis association in Barcelona

Blunted Social Club is a no-profit organization, whose main aim is to reduce social and health risks, coming from the black market.

Cannabis clubs such as Blunted are private clubs in Barcelona, offering an unique space where the common passion for cannabis is at the center of everything, surrounded by the share between members of cultural and social topics.

Blunted Social Club is located in the heart of the El Born quarter of Barcelona, and it’s the perfect place to relax and spend some hours while consuming cannabis in a secure and friendly environment.

Amenities in our cannabis clubs

What you can find inside a cannabis association

Free smoking accessories

Paper skins, filter tips, bongs and other accessories to smoke cannabis are free to use inside our club.

Music and Live Sport

We stream the major sport events and play the best vibing music.

Pool and table games

We make available to our members several table games and a pool table so that they can have fun in the club while consuming their cannabis.

Members of Blunted Social Club

You probably already know that in order to be a member of our cannabis club in Barcelona there are some requirements to comply with.

Check out how to be a member of our cannabis association in Barcelona.

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Difference between cannabis clubs and coffee shops

A Cannabis Club in Barcelona is a dispensary of marijuana accessible only by its members. Also known as cannabis associations, cannabis social clubs are able to provide cannabis products only to their members, thanks to the same members monetary donations.

Everyone who visited a coffee shop in the Netherlands, or a marijuana dispensary in the US, can certainly say that they look like normal shops, where everyone can enter and buy some weed.

On the contrary, Cannabis Social Clubs have a more privacy-oriented and family approach with members, that are not customers, but associates. In fact, also the terminology to use inside a cannabis club is different.

Cannabis Cultivation

We reduce the health risks for our members by providing high quality cannabis to our members, offering a safe alternative to black market supplies.

Marijuana Dispensary

As a member of a cannabis club you are contributing to the weed grown by the club. It’s not a weed shop, it’s a members association. You can’t ‘buy’ weed. You can ‘get’, ‘have’, ‘try’ or ‘contribute’ to some marijuana in Barcelona – but you can’t buy it.

Members Protection

We promote social debate on the regulation of consumption, cultivation and trade of cannabis through civil and cultural actions. We create Prevention Programs on the Risks Associated with Cannabis Consumption, inviting and encouraging members to learn about a responsible consume marijuana.

How to join a cannabis club in Barcelona

Nobody can just walk in and become a member, there is a procedure to follow to be accepted. Cannabis clubs always have the possibility to reject new members if they don’t comply with the membership requirements for joining our cannabis association.

Cannabis Clubs Membership requirements

Rules for members of a cannabis association

To enter in a cannabis dispensary in Barcelona, it is necessary to have the membership card of the club. Indeed, these spanish social clubs are different from Dutch coffee shops, where you can go inside just with your ID, to buy and consume cannabis.

To join a cannabis club in Barcelona there are some basic requirements for members

Be over 18 years old

Be already a cannabis user

Own the membership card

Don't consume in public

Don't give the weed away

Bring your ID or Passport

Membership for our cannabis club

How to join a cannabis social club in Barcelona

Before joining into a cannabis social club in Barcelona, there are some basic rules and requirements that every member has to know and respect

Comply with membership requirements

The first step of the registration process is to go to the club either with a previous endorsement or accompanied by an already registered member.

Bring with you the right documentation

To formalize the access to our cannabis club, you will have to go to the association, showing your ID or passport, in order to verify your age.

Join the cannabis club for the first time

Cannabis social clubs are self-sustained and for this reason, we ask to all members to contribute with a small membership fee at the registration.

Stay away from street promoters in Barcelona

Blunted Cannabis Social Club doesn’t have or allow any street promoters. Every legal club in Barcelona doesn’t support this practice, as it’s totally illegal.

Remember that we will never accept new members brought to our club by street promoters, as they are not valid endorsing members.


Please contact us in order to understand entrance rules and requirements of our private cannabis club.